Thursday, February 24, 2011

community garden plot

(added pictures 2012 for last year's plot)

i don't have a picture for this yet, because i haven't planted anything yet. but on march 1, hannah and i are headed over to the parks and rec. dept. to try to secure our little family a little green square in the world. it is my vision that we will grow ourselves a handy little garden using the seeds that darrick obtained last year through seed savers exchange. right now he is sorting thousands of seeds from last years crop, and dividing them to be given away or saved in his seed bank...or given to me! my goal is to cut produce spending this year, at least as much as a first time gardener could expect to. i can see hannah and i digging around in the dirt , picking veggies, coming home and preparing fresh dishes together...from the land to her plate. good lesson that darrick started last year and that i intend to continue for many years...if i can get that darn plot. apparently they are quite popular, and hard to get. wish me luck!

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  1. Grace loved our community garden plot here in Madison last summer. This year we're expanding. I have several pages in the Seed Savers catalogue flagged, but I haven't ordered anything yet. Happy gardening.