Tuesday, February 15, 2011

yoga/ art retreat

just wanted to share my creation from a wonderful experience. a group of maybe 20 women met in a cozy little space above a cool little store on main street, madison. we learned about chakras, the colors that represent them, and how they effect the body. then we did some great yoga poses that related to each chakra in some way. we did some guided meditation and from that chose a color to work with during the art therapy session. i chose yellow. i ended up with a lot of black (because that is what i see when i close my eyes), and some red too (because i need to balance my root chakra :)
or, i am very much looking forward to planting myself in my final home, where i can raise my family, branch out and make connections. the yellow is the solar plexis chakra, which has to do with confidence and personal power. these are things i wish to strengthen in myself as i move through this life. so the "roads" above indicate a direction towards my center, finding my core values, rooting, strengthening, etc. i had a blast at the retreat, and it was wonderful to be surrounded by so many beautiful women. and of course, I LOVE YOGA! someday i may be a yoga instructor myself :)

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