Tuesday, February 8, 2011

my glorious, expansive studio

today i bring you...my studio. well, it's a little cramped now, but someday things will be different. a big open room with hardwood floors and windows and shelves galore! a place for everything! oh, how exciting. but for now, in our very tiny residence, my studio follows suit. i can find things pretty well, though i live in layers these days. so under a stack of these things, i find that thing. the challenge is remembering what is where, and how to place things vertically so as not to topple them too easily. i think of it as a chance to practice my organizational skills, really put 'em to the test. i have a lot of work ahead of me, but i must remember not to get too caught up in the cleaning and sorting, and really get down to the business of making. tonight, i'm gonna work on valentine's day stuff. so ta ta for now. off to find some paper!

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