Thursday, November 8, 2012

a new well-loved quilt from mom

i finally finished her quilt...the one i started when she was 2!  she received it for her 5th birthday, and i think it was well timed, because she seems to appreciate the fact that i made it for her.  she sleeps with it every night and seems truly pleased and cozy.  oh happy mommy!

Monday, October 1, 2012

apple pie for fall

i love turning leftover apples into something marvelous!  we ate apple pie for breakfast on more than one occasion :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

crazy quilting

working on hk's quilt
stitch by tiny stitch, i am hand-sewing what my mom refers to as a "legacy piece."  at least i hope so.  i have grand visions of how it will look and feel when it is finally finished.  i imagine what my little girl will look like when she is 10, all cozied up with this blanket over her.  i imagine her in college, cozied up with it while watching a movie.  i imagine her covering up her own daughter someday, smiling at the memories that have stitched themselves into the very "fabric" of its being.
i just remembered that i was going to have this finished for her 4th birthday, but i still have a ways to go (1 year later).  her 5th birthday is coming up in a couple months.  i think it is high time this cozy little quilt gets thrown into the mix for memory-making.
okay, goal.

i will document my process and the finished product, BEFORE halloween 2012!