Tuesday, February 1, 2011

365 days

new year, new goals, new blog. hey, why not. 365 days of documenting my handmade life; things just finished, things in progress, things that inspire me to do more by hand. my perspective of life is changing lately. i do not want to rely on a cookie cutter culture in order to carve out my place in the world. i don't want to spend our hard earned money on things that i can make, things that i can breathe life into, things that are uniquely ours. since my goals are becoming a little more clear, i am curious to see what i will do when i allow myself to explore, and make, and document along the way. in 'blog world' (sorely lacking a better phrase), we are creating communities, and providing teaching tools, and offering inspiration to others of us out there who are looking for it. i hope that in a year, i will find myself embraced in a community of likeminded women who also find value in creating a life by hand. it is my life work, at this time, to gather ideas, to bring comfort and joy to my home life, and to clarify the values that i wish to pass on to my children. today is the beginning of a journey to greater awareness, and i travel on a handmade road.

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