Thursday, February 3, 2011

soulemama crown

okay, i'm ready to admit my genuine affection for one soulemama. i first discovered her by checking out a book in the library, 'handmade home.' a little later, i bought her other book at the bookstore of all places, 'the creative family,' and soon after discovered her blog. i have found so much inspiration from her musings and photos, and (dare i say) i enjoy checking in on a regular basis. in 'the creative family,' she provides a simple tutorial for the above crown, using wool felt. she uses it as a birthday crown for her kids, but hannah uses hers daily for princess, or glinda the good witch, or ballerina, or whoever else might be in need of a crown at that particular hour. i had previously made a papier mache crown painted gold, but it has not withstood the test of time. hannah loves this newer model, and i for-see it lasting far into the future, maybe to be joined by others.

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  1. Yeah, Cheryl! Blogging is fun! I just started knitting around Thanksgiving, and I made Grace a little pom-pom scarf (that's my only completed project) but I just bought some sock yarn at Harriet's here in Madison, so that's my next adventure. I'm following you! Also, I just finished an oil painting class at Galatea's with your Kevin's mom, Carol Ann.