Sunday, February 20, 2011

this handmade life

this entry falls under the category of "too busy to make things right now." but when i say too busy, i mean that i am at the park with my daughter, seeking those enriching experiences. (or i am chained to my computer each night sorting file after file after..)
reading a book right now called "radical homemaker," and yes, the title makes me almost too uncomfortable to share. i guess i don't really see myself as radical, but i do tend to agree with much of what the author argues. for example, i don't want to plug myself into the consumer culture because that is what most people do (and think we're supposed to do). i want to raise my child instead of working and putting her in daycare. i want to make stuff instead of buy it when i can. i want to cherish the moments that i am with my family and friends, because that is what makes people whole and connected. i want to belong to my community and help and be helped. i want to live in the country.
this is my own version of radical homemaking, but basically the premise is to return our focus on our homes, make it the core of our families, grow outward from there.
someday i will have my own home. with a porch. and a studio. and maybe even a homemade kiln. and a huge old barn with some animals in it. and crazy quilts on every bed. and... well, it will be just right. it will be the place where my family comes to be together and to know love.
for now, in these busy days pre-settled life, i will continue to take my daughter to the park, and watch her as she studies her reflection in the puddle. as she splashes, and pretends, and plays. this is how my handmade life is coming together (kind of like a crazy quilt).

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