Monday, February 7, 2011

freedom within

okay. here it is. that feeling coming over me that says "well. here is the blank page. here is the challenge. make something interesting happen here." and i look through my files and realize that i am not yet in the habit of documenting my handmades, and so i don't have any recent pictures of the things that i am sewing, or knitting, or crafting out of paper. and really, who wants to see a bunch of in-process projects anyway?
then it occurs to me to ask, "cheryl, what exactly IS 'handmade' to you?" seems i've kind of placed my work in a very tiny box labeled "acceptable for blog" and everything else that i make on a regular basis is not appropriate for this project. though i wonder, isn't my ART a very intrinsic form of 'handmade.' i mean really. i make it with my hand (the left one). it serves a purpose, if only to propel me closer to my ideal of cheryl-as-illustrator. generally, my reason for making art is to give it away, and also to nurture relationships. perhaps i should think awhile about what 'handmade' really means to me. it's more than a simple act, a movement of the hands for the purpose of creating a thing. it has momentum derived from the desire to share things with others...among other things.
this illustration is called "freedom within." i didn't know why i chose it initially, though now that i have been writing awhile i think it is rather appropriate. the reason i wanted to write a blog in the first place was so that i could begin to explore my motivations for making, not just simply document the 'stuff' that gets churned out. and in my first and introductory post, i said something about how my perspective of life is changing lately (although i guess it is always changing in various sized increments). i have freed myself somewhat to explore the nature of my choices, and in doing so i have opened up the possibility of understanding more clearly why i do the things i do. partly tied to a rejection of crass consumer culture, handmade also has a loftier connotation. for me, it is a way to connect to others, to use resources wisely, to feel that i am useful, and to bring joy to myself and my recipient.
so tonight, i'm flying out the cage. i'll keep making, moving forward, documenting...and we shall see where i land next february.
so poetic. hehe

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