Saturday, February 5, 2011


hannah loves cinderella more than any other fairytale heroine right now. we read the book multiple times a day, she watches cinderella 2 (the video) once a day, and she dresses up as cinderella at the ball (in her old dorothy dress, plus the below mentioned crown and inside 'glass' slippers) often. we thought it would be good to have cinderella's day clothes available, depending on what part of the story she was needing to act out. we recently found the brown dress at goodwill, and while we were reading today i realized the potential of said purchase. she helped me sew the apron on the sewing machine, which she handled very well. it was a big girl moment, and she was proud. then we cut the handkerchief, tied it on, added a green shirt underneath, then tied on the apron. we cleaned a pair of old outside shoes to be converted into 'cinderella day clothes inside shoes' and voila! 'cinderella! go clean the kitchen floor!' (and she did). fun times.

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  1. This is so sweet and so cute, it made me laugh out loud.