Monday, November 7, 2011

from february to etsy

oops. been a long time. really long time. nobody will know that this entry exists, which is good because i have a fresh start. guess i need one of those now and then. i made some stuff this year. planned my handmade wedding, which was BEAUTIFUL and lovely! i'll post a few of my favorite pictures soon. i just finished some excellent thank you cards to send for wedding gifts, and i started a pretty scarf for myself yesterday. this year has been slipping by so quickly, and i am reminded to stop and appreciate how wonderful my life has become. we are still in our tiny apartment, my husband *beam* is still in school, and i am as busy as ever with hannah and house and sometimes art and music. still, i am pulled to feel some sense of completion or gather together the things that i have done, or do more and put everything together. make something real that i can look at and say "yeah. i'm doing something." so i've decided to go for the etsy business. the great thing about etsy is that you can be as small as you want and grow as fast as you can and it's okay. there is a fee to show your work for sale, but if i make enough each month to cover that, then i'm happy at the beginning. of course i have many grand ideas for how it could grow: beautiful pictures of the products, new camera someday, more advanced handmade production, marketing... etc.
for now, i will "go gather bones" as suggested my clarissa pinkola estes in 'women who run with the wolves' (great book!) which means i will pull together those ideas which have the most power for me, lead to the greatest passion, and execute.
etsy, here i come. one step at a time. :)

my handmade wedding cake

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