Sunday, August 5, 2012

accumulated - homemade/handmade since january

gosh, its been a long time since i showed my face around here.  i decided that it was time to revisit all the things i've made since the new year began.  as i went back though my pictures, i realized that i didn't take pictures of everything, as in baking projects and art projects with hk.  but following is a fair sampling of how i've kept myself busy aside from kid-raising and business-growing.  the important thing is that we have been having fun.  
click for more pictures!!
 poptarts.  involving corn syrup.  very ooey, gooey, sticky, sweet.  
hk loved them, then ran in circles for 4 hours (mostly kidding)
 fruit and yogurt parfait.  better than mcD's!
horsey friend made from popsicle sticks, yarn and masking tape.  neighhh!
 valentine's day dinner.  heart pizza's :)
 pretty, wispy, flowy curtain for our front room.  
really softened the space and made it feel more home-y
 caterpillar friend, charlie
 graduation gift for my sister.  she made me read all three books, and i loved them!  
but i didn't have social contact for about 3 weeks!
 graduation gift for my brother.
 well, i kind of made this.  okay, so i put it in water, but isn't it lovely?
 i have a picture of this kitchen from last year, so i didn't actually make it recently, but i did rearrange it in a way that hk is actually using it now.  on a regular basis even.  hooray for handmade kitchen :)
 i have drawn MANY horses over the past year.  hk is a big horse fan.  
this one won first prize, apparently.
 homemade REAL birthday cake (on his actual birthday).  
maybe still not as good as dear hubby's favorite...kroger cake!
disasterous brownie cake.  gooey inside and too rich.  but it was fun to make and decorate.  success :)

i plan to make some more stuff in the near future.  see you soon!

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