Wednesday, August 8, 2012

go gather bones

off to gather bones

i know that my blog posts up to this point have been rather uninspiring.  perhaps i have been somewhat uninspired as of late, as of awhile.  i do have a lot to do; being a mother, supporting our growing business...
wasting time on the internet... but i have also been doing a lot of design work, looking at interiors, studying patterns and fabrics, drawing and sketching, note taking, jotting, page flipping, scouring.  i do more than it appears at this point.  my wings are still (STILL!) tucked in, waiting for the conditions to be right.  i love being a mother SO much!!!  my girlie is the light of my life :)
i love my darling husband, who works so hard so that we can live.  he teaches me about a strong work ethic, about loyalty, about what it means to really be committed.
my artist self is in gathering mode.  as clarissa pinkola estes tells us at the end of her book "women who run with the wolves," 'go gather bones.'
i tried to explain this concept just now, but lacked the words to describe the process of gathering bones. i went searching and came up with this lovely speech, inspired by dr. estes.

go gather bones speech

essentially, we comb the world for the bones of our life stories.  it is then our job to flesh those bones out.  to "sing over the bones."

this may seem wild and out there, but it rings true to me.  it took me 4 years to read "women who run with the wolves," and when i was finished, i felt like i emerged a little more clear on the matter of living.

i think i am beginning to flesh out my bones, little by little.  i am beginning to embrace the life that i am given.  this life that LIFE has offered.  i am so grateful to be a mother and a wife.  now my artist bones are beginning to rattle in their shallow graves.  they are calling wildly to me, that i might now sing that story too.

all things in good time, life seems to say.
now is a very good time.

for anyone who happens upon these words, i feel obliged to say that these ideas tie very much into why i choose to be a maker of things.  each object that i wield becomes "flesh," becomes another word in my song.

feeling so poetic tonight.

perhaps i'll even write another poem soon.  does that count as handmade?
maybe not.

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